Attack of the Artifacts Launches Friday 25 April!

April 24th, 2014 at 12:16 am

Gird your loins, summon your minions and ready yourself for battle – the Attack of the Artifacts expansion will launch on Friday the 25th of April (or a little sooner). Yes, we’re finally ready to release new cards, new items, new adventures and the league system!

Attack of the Artifacts

What’s in the expansion? A ton of new cards, hundreds of new items, new figures, six new treasure hunt adventures and the new multiplayer leagues. Check this preview video for more details.

Panel 4


The game server will go down at the following times:

  • GMT: Friday 25 April 12am
  • US (PST): Thursday 24 April 5pm
  • US (EST): Thursday 24 April 8pm
  • Australia (AEST): Friday 25 April 10am

We should be back online in about an hour, though it might be slightly longer if we encounter any issues.

During our launch week we’ll be running a number of special events to celebrate the new expansion!

Free Chests!

Every day during the week of the 25th of April to the 2nd of May login to receive a free Magnificent Artifact Chest! This chest contains five items from the new set including one that is Rare or better. That’s right, all you need to do is login each day and you’ll get a free chest containing a random selection of new items.

Free Leagues!

During our launch week, we’ll also be running a whole bunch of free leagues where you can win Pizza, chests and otherwise unavailable figures. We’ll be rotating the leagues and running them at different times of day to try to accommodate all players around the world. Login and visit the lobby to find a complete list of what leagues will be available and when. You can find more details about the leagues we’ll be running in the release week via these links:

Artifact Anarchy

Chess Madness

Clash of Geomancy

Wicked Waterways

See you online in the Attack of the Artifacts!

5 Responses to “Attack of the Artifacts Launches Friday 25 April!”

  1. Synced up with the new Magic set prerelease?! That’s too many cards to hunt! :-)

  2. Super excited for more stuff! Going to be way hard to collect one of every item now, I still have 600 I am missing from the base game!

  3. Terrific announcement! I definitely have to check this out.

  4. Just found out about the game from the press over the expansion. Loving the game!

  5. So this release is based on the magic release journey into the nyx?

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