Upcoming League Changes

April 29th, 2014 at 1:34 am

Leagues have been very popular since we launched Attack of the Artifacts. We’ve been gettings tons of good feedback from you about them, so we’ll be making some changes to the way they work which should make them even more fun for everyone.

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Tie Breaks

Our previous system scored points for tie-breaks as your total victory points (stars) from all games you played in the league. This meant that you were given an incentive to play as many games as possible even once you’d finished your league games. We understand that this could be exhausting and tedious, so we’ve changed the way the tie-break system works.

Every league has a limited number of games that score you points and determine your league rank (four in all leagues so far). From now on, only these games will count for tie-break points. This means you don’t need to play any more tie-break games after you’ve completed your core set of four games.

In addition, we’ve changed the tie-break point calculation to use the difference between your victory points and your opponents. So, for example, if you win a game, you will have six victory points (in most games). Your tie-break points will then be six minus however many points your opponent scored.

Here’s an example:

  • Game 1: you win (6), your opponent (0) : you score 1 point and get 6 tie-break points.
  • Game 2: you lose (3), your opponent (6): you score 0 and get 0 tie-break points.
  • Game 3: you win (6), your opponent (5): you score 1 point and get 1 tie-break points.
  • Game 4: you win (6), your opponent (3): you score 1 point and get 3 tie-break points.
  • Game 5: you win (6), your opponent (3): you score 0 points and get 0 tie-break points (because you have already played 4 games, which is the league limit).

In total, you score 3 points and 10 tie-break points. You’ll probably do well in your pod.

League Games and the Reward Track

One problem with eliminating the possibility of scoring tie-break points once you’ve completed your league games is that there is no incentive to keep playing beyond that point. To fix that, we’ve changed things so that league games now count towards your regular ranked game chest reward track, exactly as do regular ranked games. So you can win chests from league games exactly as you do from regular ranked games. If you enjoy the league, keep playing! If you’d rather switch back to regular ranked play, you can do so and continue to collect chests either way.

Duplicate Figure Prizes

If a league awards a figure prize and you already have it, you’ll now get an Epic item chest (value 150 pizza) instead of 80 pizza. We want it to be worthwhile continuing to play leagues that you’ve already won, but we also have to make sure that we don’t flood the game with pizza.

League Specific Changes

We’re making a couple of minor changes to two of the leagues:

  • The number of victory points (stars) required to win Clash of Geomancers will be reduced from six to four. This should bring the battle to and end more quickly.
  • The time limit per player has been increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes in Wicked Waterways.
  • Overtime on Clash of Geomancers has been increased from 20 minutes to 40 minutes to allow time for all games to finish.

These changes will be going live shortly. Let us know what you think (here or on the forums) and we’ll keep working on leagues to make them even better.

4 Responses to “Upcoming League Changes”

  1. These changes look very good to me! I think that’s a typo in the example for game three: 6-5 only nets 1 tie-break point, or 6-1 gets 5.

  2. Thanks, I fixed the typo.

  3. Your example is wrong. You only get 1 point for your third game, not 5, for a total of 10 tie-break points.

  4. Something I miss, or maybe I just miss the thing, is that leagues and pods are opaque. I do not know how many and who are my contenders. It would be great if that information for the whole league could be visible in-game, and maybe a friendly chat room for the pod and the league.

    If I’m missing something vital because this is already implemented, please, say so.

    Thanks Blue Manchu!

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