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January 14th, 2014 at 11:35 pm

Here is a transcript of our latest newsletter, for those that don’t recieve it-

Happy New Year!

We launched in September and it’s been one crazy ride; we have tons of new players signing up each month and a thriving multiplayer arena. We’ve been nominated for Best Debut at the Game Developers Choice Awards !

Winter Sale – Get Club Membership Now!

card_hunter_club_saleFrom now until February, we’re offering 25% off the Card Hunter Club! There’s never been a better time to go take on the evil denizens of Cardhuntria, especially as club membership gives you a Club Reward item in *every* chest you win, whether it’s in our single-player campaign or in multiplayer. So what are you waiting for? Join the Club and show those Kobolds what’s what!

Mauve Manticore Arrives!

Did you know that you can now create and play custom scenarios? These user created battles present unique new challenges, courtesy of you or your fellow Cardhuntrians!
The in-game Mauve Manticore magazine collates the best of these and rewards with you with great loot when you beat them. You can find the latest edition of Mauve Manticore on the campaign map after you’ve beaten Beneath the Frozen Earth. Issue #2 is out now!

Want to find out more about creating your own custom scenarios? Check out this tutorial

Got Stuck? Can’t Raise Your Rating?

Did you get stuck on a tough adventure? Need to ask about your character build? Why not visit our forums for help? We have one of the most helpful and friendly communities out there and they never hesitate to assist any player with questions and concerns. Here are a few highlights:

– Want to make some gold quickly? This is the thread for you.
– Having problems with those 1 HP quests? Check out these helpful tips.
– Need information on items? Here’s a complete item spreadsheet

What’s Coming?

Great new stuff is coming this year. Here’s just some of what’s in the works:
– Entirely new campaign adventures, featuring new cards, new items and tough new monsters to challenge you.
– Brand new multiplayer tournaments with great prizes!
– And, we’ve already released a web based API that will let you create your own player profiles or run tournaments.


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