Card Hunter API is Ready!

December 20th, 2013 at 2:13 am

We’re excited to announce the roll out of the brand new Card Hunter API! What’s an API? In this case, it’s a web interface where you can find out information about Card Hunter players, games and more.

You can use the Card Hunter API to create your own web pages about the game. For example, you might want to run your own multi-player tournament and track the results using the API or you might want to create your own player ranking system. Perhaps you want to create a website that shows which items are being used in the game. You could even start your own clan or guild system – the uses are endless!

Making Stuff
We’re releasing version one of the API which includes the ability to get information about:

  • Player names.
  • Battles and battle results.
  • Character classes and races taken into battles.
  • Items taken into battles.

This is a REST API. You can find a comprehensive set of documentation on the API at the root of the API URL, which is located at

We’re in the early stages of developing and supporting this so let us know on the forums┬áif you find any bugs. We’re also very open to new feature requests for any additional data that you might like to see or if you want changes to the API or help on figuring out how to do something with it.


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