Attack of the Artifacts is Coming!

April 8th, 2014 at 4:46 am

In the fetid swamps of the Valley of Tezkal, monsters long though to be extinct have been terrorizing the local villagers. Rumours swirl of swarms of poisonous plant pygmies, vicious packs of Gnarls and even, if the reports are to be believed, sightings of the mythical Sharkbear! Gird your loins, shuffle your cards and get ready for more Card Hunting in the Attack of the Artifacts expansion!

Valley of Tezkal

Open this first major addition to the game and dive into new adventures, new cards, new weapons, new monsters and much more. Not only will you be challenged with tough new campaign battles, bizarre new monsters and powerful new cards, but you’ll also get to experience the thrill of Card Hunter leagues, where you can battle other players in inventive new multiplayer formats to win great prizes!

We’ll be posting lots more details of all the new content over the next couple of weeks as we¬†lead up to the release of the expansion later this month, so stay tuned as we unbox the material we’ve been working hard on since our release.


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