June 2nd, 2022 at 11:20 am

Earlier this year, when we announced the upcoming Celestial Forge expansion, we teased that there would be a secret new feature released alongside it. Now that Celestial Forge is just around the corner—it’s releasing on June 7, in just a few days!—it’s time to reveal what’s possibly the most exciting things The Knights of Unity have brought to the game so far.


Inevitably in a loot collection game like Card Hunter, you end up wanting things you don’t have, like powerful epic gear or bizarre legendary items that open up entirely new build avenues. And there are always limited options for acquiring these things. You can grind in the hopes of finding them. You can open chests. You can wait for the items you want to show up in the shops.

To an extent, these methods have always served their purpose, but as Card Hunter has matured and more and more content has been added, it has become harder to find specific items, and harder still to complete a collection. This impedes the experience for completionists, for competitive players, and for folks who just want to try out the cool items they’ve heard about. With Celestial Forge, we will add be adding a new collection mechanic that we hope players will enjoy: crafting.

How It Works

From your Keep, there is now an option to view not only the items you have, but also the items you don’t own yet that you can craft. (You can craft items of a level up to your renown; more recipes become unlocked as you advance through the campaign or win multiplayer matches.)

Every non-Treasure item now has a little hammer button that opens the crafting panel. Here, you’ll be able to select items you exist with cards that appear on the desired item, and sacrifice them—along with a little gold—to make that item.


Say you want to make Vibrant Pain, which has six Nimble Strikes. For each card, you need to sacrifice an item with that card—so in this case, you need to sacrifice six items with Nimble Strike. This is good opportunity to turn all those extra Mark 2 Broadswords, Excellent Rapiers, and Ascendant Dervishes into a truly special legendary!

The gold cost to craft an item depends on the item’s rarity, as well as the rarities of the sacrificed items. Every sacrificed item contributes its sell value to the crafting cost, so you don’t have to choose between sacrificing an item for its cards or selling it for gold. The remaining cost is half the buy cost of the item in question, minus the sacrificed items. In the case of a Vibrant Pain crafted from six rare items, the end cost is 1220—half the cost of buying a Vibrant Pain (2500/2=1250), minus the sell value of six rares (5*6=30).


This new feature will also hopefully make lower rarity drops more interesting and useful. Before crafting, you might scoff at your 10th Excellent Rapier, but now you have fodder for a Vibrant Pain! We’re excited to see what you will make from the extra items in your inventory, and how this change affects your collection strategies. Will you grind different adventures for lower-rarity ingredients, rather than chasing your dream legendary directly? What builds are you excited to make now that specific items you fancy are finally within your grasp?

All this and more, June 7!

In addition to crafting, we have over a hundred new items coming with new cards for players to collect and use in battle. There will also be two new treasure hunts with guaranteed epic loot, new adventurer costumes, plenty of wicked new Celestial monsters, and a variety of bug fixes and improvements coming your way.

Let us know your thoughts on this exciting new development in Cardhuntria, and we can’t wait to share it with you come June 7th!

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  1. Hmm. Sounds reasonable, and about what I expected when I heard about it. I’ll need to scour Skarl’s for contents for what I’m missing. The sooner the better, before the items disappear.
    It kinda feels like cheating after all these years, but if the rules allow it, it isn’t.
    Preliminary Gratz! to Susurrus, and the other silent ones ahead of me in pursuit of max usable of everything.
    This might shorten the chase by years.

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