Celestial Forge New Cards

January 27th, 2022 at 10:29 am

Hi ho Card Hunters! In our last post (Celestial Forge Rebalance Info), we announced that we have a new expansion coming in the first half of 2022: Celestial Forge! That other post was focused on the accompanying balance changes we’re playtesting. This one will focus on actual new stuff!

Some General Expansion Info

Celestial Forge will include campaign content, new figures, and new monsters, but, maybe most excitingly for some of you, it will include new cards and items for the first time since 2016’s Castle Mitternacht update. Celestial Forge is steeped in the aesthetics of our Celestial figures and “zen” tileset board rotation. We are also hoping to release an exciting new feature alongside the update that we cannot reveal quite yet.

I am not revealing story details today–the new singleplayer content will be revealed at a later date–but we are going to be playtesting the new items in a PvP context alongside the aforementioned balance changes. To that end, this post will just serve as a complete ‘visual spoiler’ of the new cards in Celestial Forge, as a reference during testing.

Please note the following:
– new card names, art, and effects subject to change.
– these new cards do not have flavor text yet. This is not an omission; it will be added before release.

New Celestial Forge Cards

Awful Flames (staves)

Brain Freeze (arcane items)

Curse Attraction (human skills)

Curse-Hardened (martial skills)

Curse of Amnesia (all)

Curse of Exhaustion (all)

Curse of Hunger (all)

Dark Pulse (divine weapons)

Drown (arcane items)

Empty Body (divine armors, heavy armors)

Empty Fist (divine weapons, weapons)

Empty Mind (divine weapons, divine items, divine armors)

Empty Palm (shields, divine weapons)

Empty Tracks (boots)

Frozen Core (staves, arcane items)

Grinding Aura (robes)

Honorable Attack (weapons, divine weapons)

Honorable Block (dwarf skills)

Hot Spring (divine items)

Hungry Plate (heavy armors, divine armors)

Iai Strike (weapons)

Icy Apparition (staves)

Lunging Drain (divine weapons, divine items)

Mempo (helms)

Restless Seal (shields)

Restless Talisman (all)

Stoic’s Blade (weapons)

Subtle Arts (elf skills)

Vow of Poverty (divine skills)

Winter’s Embrace (arcane skills)

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