The Monsters of the Sky Citadel

July 8th, 2015 at 12:22 am

Everyone knows two things about the future: our robot servants will rise against us and our predilection for playing around with nuclear power will get us into trouble.

Mutant Brutes

These hard working guys are the workhorses of any evil overlord, insane AI or other futuristic tyrant. In our world, mutation generally means an early death but in the world of Card Hunter, it’s a good thing. And this card is why:
Adaptable means that you can’t just take the Perforator and expect to be able to punch holes in a mutant. Each time you hit it with a Piercing attack, the mutant will adapt and future strikes of that damage type will have no effect.

This is a nasty defense, but it is beatable. One strategy is to load up with a variety of damage types. If you can hit with a different type of damage each time, Adaptable isn’t going to matter. Another strategy is to Purge the mutant. Or you can just avoid hitting mutants that you know have adapted and take down their friends first. Whatever your strategy, you need to proceed carefully – Adaptable can surprise you if you don’t keep track of what’s been going on.

Security Cameras

The key to any successful dictatorship is surveillance and cameras are the tools that enable it. A camera won’t shoot you, club you or dance around you in circles. But it will scan you:
Scanning makes every other monster better, so cameras act as enablers of their allies. If you get scanned and there are mutants nearby, they’ll be ready to go again with both cards and the ability to attack, even if they have already done so this round. If there are more robotic allies around, whether those be mobile security robots or fixed turrets, the automatic turn-to-face effect of a Scan can be deadly.

Cameras are not very bright though and they’ll Scan even if there’s nothing in view, so you can often work around them by careful movement. If you can’t – well, it’s not that hard to smash them, fry them or otherwise introduce them to some of the nastier weapons of Cardhuntria.
There are plenty of other nasty surprises lurking in the Sky Citadel, but we’d rather they get a chance to introduce themselves.

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