Guns of the Sky Citadel

July 9th, 2015 at 12:39 am

Wouldn’t it be cool if your dwarf warrior could pick up a laser gun? Pow, zap, take that Kobolds! Festering zombies – get in line for some laser love!

Unfortunately there’s one small problem here – classes define battlefield roles in Card Hunter and a warrior being able to shoot makes them behave like a wizard.

So, although there are guns in Expedition to the Sky Citadel, we still put items into slots that make sense for the classes. A gun is basically like a staff, so it’s limited to wizards.
laser blunderbuss
The Laser Blunderbuss has two powerful Mega Laser attacks, supplemented with a bit of electrical mayhem from a Mighty Spark. Pull the Trigger is for when you are feeling lucky and two Laser Sprays are mandatory actions that attack everyone in sight. So when packing the Laser Blunderbuss, stay well away from your colleagues.

Warriors do get their own cool weapons though:
Although it includes futuristic laser attacks, you can see that the Starknife is still very much a warrior’s weapon, focussed around melee attacks, with a powerful new block as well. One other thing you might observe is that this is a level 19 item. Because Citadel adventures go up to level 21, so do the items you find in them. This makes them more powerful than the level 18 items you might have been finding at the end of the campaign and it should add a lot of interest to what you can do with those major power tokens.

What about priests? Don’t worry, they won’t miss out either. Divine Weapons maintain the theme of priest gear being melee focussed with additional assist abilities.
As well as old favorites, like Mighty Bludgeon, this handy powermace gives your priest access to radiation effects. Radiation in Card Hunter is all about putting handicap attachments onto the target, so it fits right into the Priest’s arsenal. In addition, Genetic Engineering provides a handy new way of dealing with unwanted attachments.

To wrap it all up, here’s what fully kitted out level 24 Elf Warrior looks like!

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