Card Hunter Release 2.72: Mauve Manticore, Balance Changes, and More!

December 8th, 2014 at 6:10 pm

After weeks of testing, our latest build is live! Play with all the new shinies here: Following is a description of many the changes in this release, including a full list of card and item changes.



Mauve Manticore 5

A new module consisting of three player-created scenarios has been added. It unlocks after Goblins in the Woods, and two of the three scenarios use cool new game modes that have been just recently added to our scenario editor. We hope that these new modes create more possibilities for our players to craft challenging adventures! Submissions are always open.


We’re continuing to work on coop play, with the goal of bringing campaign coop to you someday soon. A lot of behind-the-scenes work brings us closer to this goal. In the meantime, the interface for joining teams has improved.


New Premade Party

The Stormbringers are in the Premade Party store now. Not only will this party be competitive in low to mid ranked play, but it carries several items that players will find useful in constructed leagues such as Wicked Waterways or Golden Shrine. Designed to give new players access to modes of play and types of cards that aren’t particularly easy to mass, most notably flight, this premade party is an exciting new addition to the family.

Rules Changes

• All Assist cards that target can now self-target except Martyr Blessing. This includes most priest cards: heals, buffs, etc., as well as the new human Assist cards listed below.
• Frenzy X now grants a damage boost to non-melee attacks equal to X-1—so Unholy Frenzy will boost your melee cards by +2 and your magic cards by +1.
• Move cards with extra effects, like Violent Spin or Muscle Through, are now explicitly Unblockable to correct a discrepancy in the rules of when blocks trigger.

Modified Cards and Items

We spent close to a month testing a number of changes and additions to the cards and items available to players. Players who participated in our playtest earned a total of 3200 pizza by giving us feedback and helping us hone these changes. In general, our changes targeted making priests more interesting to play and easier to grok in the early campaign. Additionally, some effort went into making human and elf racial skills more competitive both in the campaign and in ranked play.

Here’s a list of all the changes (note: it’s long).



New Cards

• Attack, Soldier!
• Block, Soldier!
• Jump, Soldier!
• Skip
• Smashing Spin
• Scouting Run
• Surestrike Blessing
• Armor Of Faith
• Curse Of Fragility
• Pulverizing Bludgeon
• Pulverizing Hack


Updated Cards

• Cleansing Presence no longer heals enemies.
• Healing Pulse no longer heals enemies; heal reduced to 2.
• Minor Heal range increased to 6.
• Demonic Feedback self-damage reduced to 4; range increased to 6.
• Inspiration range increased to 6.
• Touch of Pain renamed to Avenging Touch; no longer heals the caster.
• Unholy Wellspring now has Frenzy 4.
• Mass Frenzy now has Frenzy 2.
• Lateral Thinking now discards all Handicaps attached to the caster, then draws a card.
• Forward Thinking now a trait that increases maximum handsize.
• Battlefield Training now has range 6 and cantrip.
• Advanced Battlefield Training now has cantrip.
• Desperate Block now blocks any 6 damage or more on a 3+.
• Retreat now allows the caster to move as well.
• Jump Back, played as a Move card, now moves 2.
• Dodge now triggers on 5+. New card Skillful Dodge replaces Dodge for some monsters; it is functionally equivalent to the old Dodge.
• Weak Parry renamed to Subtle Parry.
• Freeze damage increased to 7.
• Winds Of War now pushes one target 3.
• Resistant Hide armor reduced to 4+ armor 1.
• Team Run renamed to Team Walk; moves caster and allies 2.


Removed Cards

• Wavering Faith
• Bad Medicine
• Bungled Heal
• Healing Presence
• Healing Benediction
• Obliterating Bludgeon
• Almighty Hack


New Items


New Dwarf Skills

• Beginner Toughness
• Tough Charger


New Human Skills

• Advanced Guidance
• Apprentice Guidance
• Beginner Guidance
• Novice Guidance
• Perfect Guidance
• Superb Guidance
• Thoughtful Guidance
• Focused Thinker


Updated Items


Updated Divine Skills

• Unskilled Divine gets Righteous Frenzy to replace Wavering Faith.


Updated Divine Items, Weapons, and Armor

Surestrike Blessing replaces all Wavering Faiths.
Curse Of Fragility replaces all Bad Medicines.
Armor Of Faith replaces all Bungled Heals.
Healing Pulse replaces all Healing Presences and Healing Benedictions.
• Empty Pockets gets Minor Heal, Minor Heal, Armor Of Faith.
Totem Of Totec, Eagle Bowl, Red Shaman’s Blade, Shadowleaf Maquah, Infernal Trinket, Beech Roots, Maple Roots get Avenging Touch instead of Healing Pulse.
Flawed Relic gets one Avenging Touch to replace Healing Pulse.
• Uncertain Juju renamed to Fragile Juju
• Uncertain Healing Orb to Sure Healing Orb
• Armor of Doubt renamed to Armor Of Surety


Updated Elf Skills

Perfect Insight now costs a minor token.
Untrained Insight now Dodge, Scouting Run, Skip.
Pacifist Trickery now Elven Trickery, Flanking Move, Fright.
Novice Insight now Pathfinding, Scouting Run, Superstitious.
Footwork now Quick Run, Escaping Run, Trip.
Advanced Footwork now Violent Spin, Escaping Run, Smashing Spin.
Perfect Footwork now Violent Spin, Escaping Run, Leap.
Wild Trickery now Elven Trickery, Dangerous Maneuver, Wild Run.
Wariness now Elvish Scamper, Scouting Run, Loner.
Advanced Insight now Dodge, Violent Spin, Dangerous Maneuver.
Trained Evasion now Violent Spin, Flanking Move, Flanking Move.
Apprentice Insight now Dodge, Dodge, Scouting Run.
Untrained Footwork now Escaping Run, Dangerous Maneuver, Skip.
Cautious Trickery now Elven Trickery, Scouting Run, Shuffle.
Novice Footwork now Escaping Run, Muscle Through, Vulnerable.
Practiced Scouting now Pathfinding, Violent Spin, Smashing Spin.
Superb Insight now Dodge, Elvish Insight, Scouting Run.
Advanced Evasion now Slippery, Elvish Scamper, Skip.
Cautious Mobility now Elven Maneuvers, Elven Maneuvers, Scouting Run.
Frightened Scouting now Pathfinding, Elvish Scamper, Fright.
Healthy Caution now Healing Dash, Scouting Run, Scouting Run.
Nimble Scouting now Pathfinding, Elvish Scamper, Dropped Guard.
Salubrious Mobility now Healing Dash, Elven Maneuvers, Skip.
Trained Footwork now Muscle Through, Jump Back, Skip.
Trained Insight now Pathfinding, Smashing Spin, Scouting Run.
Wariness now Healing Dash, Scouting Run, Skip.
Apprentice Evasion now Smashing Spin, Smashing Spin, Skip.
Apprentice Footwork now Quick Run, Smashing Spin, Obvious Maneuver.
Escapist now Slippery, Elvish Insight, Skip.
Fast Mobility now Elven Maneuvers, Smashing Spin, Smashing Spin.
Insight now Elvish Insight, Elvish Insight, Skip.
Perfect Evasion now Slippery, Elvish Scamper, Smashing Spin.
Untrained Evasion now Slippery, Skip, Superstitious.


Updated Helmets

Helm Of Breezes now costs a minor token.
Sergeant’s Cap now tokenless.


Updated Human Skills

Inspired Command now costs a minor token.
Attack, Soldier! replaces all Walks.
Block, Soldier! replaces all Cautious Sneaks.
Wimpy replaces all Shuffles.
Beginner Command now Block, Soldier!, Block, Soldier!, Attack, Soldier!.
Superb Command gets Block, Soldier! instead of Shuffle, Team!.
Thoughtful Command gets Attack, Soldier! instead of Unreliable Block.


Updated Shields

Quinn’s Buckler now tokenless.
Backflip Buckler now costs a minor token.
Jannivol’s Shield now costs a minor token.
Shield Of Ultimate Dodging now costs a minor token.


Updated Weapons

Pulverizing Bludgeon replaces all Obliterating Bludgeons.
Pulverizing Hack replaces all Almighty Hacks.

That’s it for now! We’re excited to see how the environment and metagame develop in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy the new content!

2 Responses to “Card Hunter Release 2.72: Mauve Manticore, Balance Changes, and More!”

  1. This is awful. Why are you changing the game at all?

    So many strategies and items have no value now. Forcing people to grind away for the stuff that does work. Surestrike Blessing replacing Unwavering Faith ruins all of my lowlevel Priest builds. I am not happy about this. nor was I about the change to Encumber.

    Why is there not a Stasis Game Mode? -Where we can any use a predefined version of the card set and play with those, instead of the latest changes.

  2. Really looking forward to the Coop Campaign. Given what you’ve got working for Coop in Versus mode, I hope it’s close to ready. Any info you can give us for when to expect this?

    The other thing I’d love most is other campaigns starting from lvl 1. I guess it reminds me the most of starting out a new pen and paper campaign with friends.

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