Huge Beta Update!

April 11th, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time between blog posts, so here’s a hefty update!

We’ve been working hard on the closed Beta: fixing bugs, finishing features and preparing the game for more players. It’s taken longer that we had hoped but we’re ready to start scaling it up. Good news everyone! This means that if you’re still waiting on the Beta list, you are much more likely to get in soon!

So this is a heads up. In the very near future, we plan to:

  • reset existing Beta accounts back to their fresh, starting state
  • allow existing Beta testers to buy pizza
  • begin offering special closed-Beta only deals with exclusive figures.

I know you all are filled with all sorts of burning questions so let me try and answer what I believe are the big ones:

I signed up for the Beta but I’m not in yet. When will I get in?

After this database reset we plan to start inviting a LOT more players.  We can’t guarantee an entry date, but we’ll be doing our best to get as many people in as fast as possible. As always, your best bet is to make sure you are on the Beta application list by signing up. It only counts once so doing it again won’t hurt.

What exactly is an account reset?

An account reset returns all existing accounts to the state of a new player. Items, characters, multiplayer stats and adventure progress are wiped. Your account name and password will remain the same though.


Why are we resetting accounts now? 

Beta is still a testing phase of the game and we need to periodically reset the database to clear out old, bad data. For example, we’ve just removed a bunch of old items from the game and we need to clear these out of people’s item collections.

Accounts will be reset at least one more time before the game is released and possibly more. That’s the beauty of Beta testing!

When exactly will the upcoming account reset happen?

Very soon! We will definitely let everyone know at least one week before it actually happens.

What is Pizza anyway?

Besides being the greatest food known to humankind, Pizza in Card Hunter is a kind of currency. In return for delicious, delicious pizza your GM will give you:

  • Gold – an in-game currency generally earned by selling items you find in game
  • Treasure Hunts – extra adventures not on the main campaign path
  • Figures – new skins for your characters (these do not affect gameplay, but they look fantastic!)
  • Starter Packs – sets of multiplayer-ready characters with pre-equipped items
  • Treasure Chests – random sets of items
  • and possibly some other new things we’re still working on…

Every item in Card Hunter can be obtained by playing the game for free! Pizza can only accelerate your game progress, unlock new adventures, or affect cosmetic changes.


Pizza will cost money now – what happens to my pizza when the game resets again?

Any pizza that you buy for actual money will be re-credited to your account each time the database is reset. You can buy pizza confident that you’ll be able to use it when the game finally goes live, as well as during Beta.

How do I get the exclusive Beta figures and what are they?

The exclusive figures are a human warrior and human priest. You can see them lingering around this blog post. You can get the warrior by purchasing a $20 or more in pizza and the priest by purchasing $50 or more.

What happens to the exclusive Beta figures I get after an account reset?

These figures will stay in your collection.

Do these figures affect gameplay? Will I be disadvantaged if I don’t buy them?

Nope, they’re just awesome looking.

Do I have to buy pizza during the Beta?

No, the game can always be played for free!

Will Pizza prices or in-game prices change during Beta?

It’s possible that we’ll adjust the prices of things during (or after) Beta. However, we’ll try to minimise these changes.



I signed up for the Beta but I’m not in yet. Will I get a chance to buy the exclusive Beta figures?

Yes! We will get a key to you before the Beta ends, so you will get a chance to buy the exclusive Beta figures.

If you have any questions not answered here, please ask on our forums – they’re the best place to find out more about the game!

31 Responses to “Huge Beta Update!”

  1. Pizza is an awesome name for your premium currency!
    Can’t wait to finally be able to play this game.

  2. Great update 😀 but 50$ its kind of too much, should be 10 and 20 ? and only paypal? :( I can’t buy anything because paypal don’t exist in my country!

  3. Do we receive an e-mail after signing up for the beta? I signed up when the beta first started up and I didn’t receive anything. I figured it was normal. Then I started getting antsy because no key arrived. (also probably normal) Then I signed up again to see if it would say, “You are already signed up.” and it didn’t. Don’t know if that is normal.

    I just want to make sure I’m in line for this thing. I reeaally want be part of the feedback for a game I like for once. 😛

  4. I hope I get a beta soon. Dying to play this game!

  5. I’m really confused about “Treasure Hunts”. So part of the game will be locked and there is no way to play those adventures without Pizza?
    Get me right. I knowyou need profit. But limiting game content is really bad thing.

  6. Ahhh SWEET! fingers crossed Soo want to play this

  7. Treasure Hunt is additional content (around 1 adventure per level) – not part of the main campaign – they’re however very fun to play, and haven’t been very expensive this far. This isn’t pay to win – this is pay to get some more. Considering the game is free…

  8. Just crying out to play this game. Would transition well into card/comic shops here where they have open game nights etc.

  9. I have important question for me. Is possible to buy pizza to get beta key ? I don`t have luck and never get beta key for test, so I want support you and be sure to get my dream key to world of my child fantasy.
    Please let me know.

  10. So these adventures (the extra 1s where you spend pizza) you will be able to get cards on or items correct? If so then there is an advantage for buying pizza then.

  11. They never said there was no advantage to buying pizza! The treasure hunts are side quests where better items are more likely to drop. You can choose to instead play for free only and grind away until the rare stuff drops for you, or you can pay to make it quicker to get those powerful items. Paying will *ALWAYS* give you an advantage, but here it doesn’t give you anything that you cannot also earn with enough time invested.

  12. I can only say that 5$ for 150slices is much better value for pizza then anywhere else as i usually pay about 15$ for only 8 slices. I do wish that they would add more flavors of pizza from the looks on the picture they are only serving pepperoni…

  13. Huzzah! Hopefully my beta key arrives before my annual leave begins!

  14. A treasure hunt guarantees you an epic item drop – but this drop can be found randomly everywhere drops of that level occur (as well as in the shops). So basically, a very minor monetary benefit.

    If you have more questions or comments, I suggest joining the active forum community!

  15. I was like #%”&%&/&%/)&%

    But then i read this:
    I signed up for the Beta but I’m not in yet. Will I get a chance to buy the exclusive Beta figures?

    Yes! We will get a key to you before the Beta ends, so you will get a chance to buy the exclusive Beta figures.

    Now I’m like :) :) :) :)

  16. I won the Monster Story Beta contest and still waiting my invite, this been like 3 weeks ago. Hope you guys there in Australia to finally send it!

  17. Hi there Gabriel,

    We’ve already responded to you on Twitter, but thanks for the heads up! You should’ve gotten it by now and we’ll look into it! :)

  18. My gigantic pagebreaker of a monster story didn’t win, but I knew it wouldn’t since I broke the rules. At least one person enjoyed it, though!

    I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t even mentioned, though. The guy reading them probably skipped over it due to length.

  19. I’m ready to buy pizza! Where do I pay? Get me in the beta already!!! :)

  20. Finally, I was starting to think this game was going to end up vaporware.

    If this game is as fun as it looks with a decent replay value I won’t mind at all dropping 50 bones worth of pizza….I love pizza.

  21. Shut up and take my money already!

  22. So far I really enjoy this game. Glad the difficulty spikes dropped. I kept getting stuck on a 3rd level adventure. Anyway, will there still be occasional free pizza drops? At least if there is it might get somebody, like me, saying that paying for the pizza is worth it because then you get to at least experience a few little extras once. Recently I have stopped playing too many video games, but this one has totally been worth my time.

  23. […] was a large number of beta keys released last week, but it seems like I’m being passed over (300 invites per day).  That makes for a […]

  24. Thanks for the Beta key! Game’s great so far, though I have to say that Pizza looks very expensive. I’m not into F2P games, so I don’t have real comparisons, but Banner Saga: Factions let you buy all the (current) cosmetic stuff for about 8 € (11 $ or something). Paying 50 $ to get the two currently available skins is very, very expensive. I’d love to support you, even if it is just for virtual figures, but I’m not paying that much. I suggest that you bring down that price to around 25 to 30 $. I’m sure you’re going to profit in the long run, since way more people will buy it at that price point.

  25. Just for clarificiation: if I buy 690 slices of pizza during the beta and use most of it, will I be re-credited all 690 pieces after an account reset, or only re-credited for the remaining pieces?

  26. Yes, ANY pizza you buy will be re-credited to you account IN FULL each time we reset the database during Beta. In other words, you will be able to use ALL of that pizza after we go live regardless of what you did with it during Beta.

  27. In response to the 2 figurines being “very expensive”. They are “very expensive” for $50, but that $50 isn’t buying you those figurines. It’s getting you a (LOT) of pizza, and throwing those two in (a value of 160 slices) for free.

  28. If you’re using just pizza to buy figurines, you can ALMOST buy 2 for 5$,.
    You can buy 4 for 10$ and have a little pizza left for something else.

  29. Hi,

    I”ve supported beta paying 20$. I can”t find Exclusive Human Warrior. Where is it?

  30. The bonus figures can be found in the Costume store. You might have to play a little further in the campaign to unlock it, or go to the multiplayer lobby.

  31. Sorry but a bit worried…is there NO way of NOT losing my current characters, xp and loot in case of an account reset? Does this mean that I would have to START ALL OVER AGAIN? Beacause in that case I don’t know how far I actually want to go into the game. I know this is a beta for feedback but losing progress seems a bit harsh in a grindy game like this.

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