Time for a new Beta Key Contest!

March 5th, 2013 at 3:32 am

To adventurers, one monster is as good (or bad) as another; just another meat shield in the way of guts, gold, and glory! But we all know this isn’t the case. Despite often being on the wrong side of a Dwarven axe or Elven arrow, they too have hopes, fears, and dreams. Our new contest has you answering just that! We’re looking for what you think makes these monsters tick.

This time we will be giving out 50 keys our forums and 50 keys on our Facebook page. The contest starts now and will run until midnight this Friday (March 8th) EST. And, as an added bonus, we’ll be distributing an additional 100 keys to those beta list sign-ups as well!

To enter, post in our forum or post on our Facebook page!

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