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  1. I may have missed this in the various posts/videos, but what do the two different talents actually represent?

  2. Yeah, so I didn’t explain that. There are multiple different levels of the talents. The white round ones are the lowest level, then the square bronze ones. There are two more levels. The more powerful items require the higher level talents.

  3. http://www.cardhunter.com/2012/03/borgo-the-talented/ here is the explanation about talents

  4. This is just an assumption since beta hasn’t started, but I believe although the sorting helps tremendously in sorting hundreds of different items, I think you guys need to add a “list view” option.

    When I look for “Hexed Blade of Sorrows”, I could sort by swords and find the icon, but to be absolutely sure its the one, I have to go a step further: Mouse over the icon, wait until the name pops up and then confirm it.
    I could sort by name to the same effect, gotta mouse over.
    I could search the name outright, but then that’s 1 effective search amongst the 3 options.

    My suggestion is an option for a “list view” instead of this “grid view”.
    Something that doesn’t require a mouse over to see what it does (or minimal mouseover) and more importantly, no need to mouseover to see names.

  5. A list view is a great idea that we’ll definitely add “when we have time”.

  6. This game just looks like it is going to be SOOO good. Waiting for the opportunity to throw money at this thing is agonizing!

  7. You guys are all full of crap… Talking big about the game and that it would be online early 2012…. We are almost in 2013 and the BETA isn’t even playable… Shame on you…

    MEGA disapointed with this game…

  8. Yeah, I’m sorry it’s so late. All I can say is that we’re working hard on it. Also, I’ll post something this week with an update on where we are.

  9. don’t apologize to trolls they don’t get it that its not some big studio.keep up the good work iyou restored my fate in creativityof developers.

  10. yeah I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this game and I really want to see where you are at this point.
    Battle On

  11. Will there be any kind of store system where you can buy and sell items?

  12. Yes, there are shops/stores in the game.

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