Castle Mitternacht Launches October 28!

October 24th, 2016 at 11:09 pm

Our spookiest set yet lands in Cardhuntria just in time for Halloween!


We’ve been previewing and playtesting the Castle Mitternacht set for over a month now and we’re super excited to release it!

The new content brings fun new mechanics like transformations—Form trait cards that turn your character into a powerful creature of the night—silver damage attacks, and fun new toys for acid mages, melee priests, human warriors, elf wizards, and more! With 35 cards and 290 new items, we know the set is going to shake things up!

The new content will go live around midnight GMT on Friday, October 28. You can check the time in different time zones on our forums.


At the same time as we release Castle Mitternacht into the wild, we’ll be launching our annual Halloween festivities.

  • Spooky ranked boards!
  • Creepy limited release costumes in Cuthbert’s shop!
  • A Halloween Shop full of cool trick-or-treat props!
  • The five winning items from the Aloyzo’s Arsenal #14 competition will also be in the Halloween Shop!

Halloween content will run through mid November.

3-stage-rocket-boots This release also includes a new Mauve Manticore (#20) with challenging player-made scenarios. If you beat them, you’ll win two player-made items, including the epic 3-Stage Rocket Boots!

For more information on Castle Mitternacht, including a full visual spoiler of the new cards, check this page.


🎃 🎃 From all of us at Blue Manchu, Happy Halloween! 🎃 🎃


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