Card Hunter Turns Two!

September 10th, 2015 at 1:01 am

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but Card Hunter is turning two this weekend. To celebrate, we’ll be running free leagues with special prizes, the loot fairy will be just about everywhere and each day you’ll get epic chests just for logging in.

Special promotional Quick Draw leagues will be running all weekend. These leagues will be free to enter and winners will walk off with the hard to collect Kee-Tanh figures. There are two available: the cuddly Marroo and the not-so friendly Growler. You can win them in Quick Draw Deep Forge or Quick Draw Lost City. Kee-Tanh figures are not available in the costume store and have only ever been offered in our birthday leagues.

Quick Draw is a great way to try out multiplayer even if you’re not an expert as everyone drafts their cards for each match. You can be competitive without having an item collection or knowing what’s going on in the multiplayer meta-game.

LootfairyThe Loot Fairy has been gracing campaign play with their presence for a long time, handing out rare, epic and legendary items. Tracking the Loot Fairy’s location is a fun activity in itself but you don’t need to be on top of it to benefit this weekend as the Fairy will be wafting their wand in just about every adventure!

The fun will start at 12am UTC/GMT on Saturday the 12th and wrap up two days later. Some local times:

  • US (PST): Friday 11 Sep, 5pm
  • US (EST): Friday 11 Sep, 8pm
  • Europe (CST): Saturday 12 Sep, 2am
  • Australia (AEST): Saturday 12 Sep, 10am

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