Card Hunter is Coming to Steam

July 4th, 2015 at 1:22 am

It’s true, Card Hunter will soon be available on Steam. What does this mean? We’ve assembled the most important information right here.

Accounts will be fully shared between the browser version and the Steam client

That means you can download the Steam client and login using your existing Card Hunter account. Or you can create an account using the Steam client and then continue playing via the browser whenever you like, although you’ll need to contact support to get a password for a Steam-created account if you want to login via the website).

The Steam client is free

No purchase necessary, just download it through Steam and play.

Co-op play will be available in both clients

The new co-op play mode, allowing two or three players to play through the campaign or play multiplayer together will be available in the Steam client and in the browser client. We’ll be releasing more information on exactly how co-op works soon. Suffice to say, it’s awesome.


Windows and Mac are supported

The Steam client will run on both Windows and Mac. Unfortunately Linux support is not available as Adobe has stopped supporting AIR for Linux.

The Steam client loads faster

One of the main advantages of the Steam client is that all the game data is installed. That means it loads faster and you’ll wait a lot less to see card and item illustrations loaded when going into the deck builder or into battle.

Achievements, Trading Cards, Badges are all supported

We’ve implemented 47 achievements as well as trading cards, badges, profile backgrounds and lots of other Steam goodies. Achievements are almost* all awarded retroactively if you login using an existing account. For example, the “Knight Errant” achievement, awarded for completing all the campaign quests, is awarded when you login via Steam if you have already completed those quests via the browser client.

* The “Fairy Finder” and “Bounty Hunter” achievements, awarded for finding the Loot Fairy or Hidden Bandit, must be completed by using the Steam client.


Expedition to the Sky Citadel is coming to Steam and browsers

The new Citadel expansion will be available through the Steam client and in the browser at the same time as the Steam client is released.

Available in July

The Steam client will be released later in July. We’ll provide an exact date as soon as we have one pinned down.

It uses Steam Wallet

Pizza and game bundles will be purchasable using Steam Wallet. This could help if you’ve been having trouble buying things using Paypal or Kongregate Kreds.

Anything Else?

Any more questions – feel free to ask them here or in the forums.


5 Responses to “Card Hunter is Coming to Steam”

  1. love you game, will return to steam version after stop playing for like 6 months ago.

  2. Yes! Been waiting for Co-op to pull me back into this! The faster load times will be a big plus as well!

  3. Co-op campaign or PVP? I love u guys! Pls faster! =))

  4. Co-op is for campaign and PvP.

  5. Good to hear I don’t have to use Paypal to buy pizza anymore.

    They wanted to charge me to create an account, and, then charge me when i wanted to delete my account!

    When I kicked up a fuss, they apologised and deleted my account without charging me. (What a surprise).

    Looking forward to some sweet new weapons and armour with this expansion

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