Upcoming Balance Changes: Items

July 29th, 2014 at 10:34 pm

Phew! Here we are in the third part of the list of upcoming balance changes. This will be a shorter post than the last two as we focus on item changes.

In general, we prefer not to change items as much as we change cards, since any changes to item power tokens could cause existing builds to become invalidated. In addition, changing item rarities changes their buy and sell values and we prefer not to do that. That said, we are going to make some minor changes to the item list – a few of which we’ve already mentioned where we swap one card for another.

Greater Rare Item Availability

It has been too hard to find (and there’s too much luck involved in finding) rare items. To correct this, we’re changing the way that Randimar’s stocks rare items.

From now on, Randimar’s will stock at least 10 Legendary, 10 Epic and 10 Rare items at a time (instead of mostly Rare items). This will make it easier for you to find the Epic and Legendary items you want.


In addition, Randimar’s will now restock daily instead of weekly. Check back every day for new items!

Finally, Randimar’s stock will now be the same across all accounts. That means that anything available to other players will also be available to you. No doubt the forums will be a great place to check and see if the community thinks there’s anything worth buying from each day’s stock.

Cheaper Chests

Pizza chests are becoming much better value! From now on, Magnificent chests (a guaranteed Rare item) will cost 10 pizza (down from 50) and Epic chests (two guaranteed Epic items) will cost 50 pizza (down from 150).

Cheaper Chests

Superior Card Substitution

We’re going to go through and swap in some new Attack of the Artifact cards for older cards that are strictly inferior to them.

In all these cases, if you own an item that uses the old card, you’ll automatically get the new card in that item or in any builds you have made with it.

Better Boots

This is mainly one for new players, but from now on all new characters will come with better default boots. Each new character will start with a pair of Adventuring Boots, a new item that provides a Walk, a Simple Strike and a Reliable Hide Armor. These cards will serve the new player better in the early game.

As well, we’re cutting a couple of the existing low level boots that are largely worthless, specifically, Cloth Boots and Moldy Cloth Boots. If you have these in your collection, you may want to hang onto them as they’re going to become collector’s items!

Finally, we’re adding one new low level boot to provide more early game options: Hunting Boots will equip you with a Run, a Simple Strike and a Reliable Hide Armor (for, of course, no power token cost).

Duplicate Items

There are a few items that are exact duplicates of existing items. We’ll correct these as follows:

Too Much Cycling

We try to restrict items to only one cycling (Trait) card per 3 cards. That means that Trembling Staff, with three drawback Traits, needs correcting. To fix this one Vulnerable on the Trembling Staff will be replaced with an Arcane Curse.

Up Next

Next up, we’ll be talking about some rule changes. Don’t forget that you can try out these changes now on the test server!

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