Card Hunter Spring Season, Week 7

May 21st, 2014 at 8:15 pm

This week Flaxative’s Spring PvP season update will be on the brief side.

Week 7

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A lot of familiar faces. A bit of rating shake-up among the top four in the highest rating category. Average rating there was very high again this time. Standing and total games stats were in good shape again this week.

I’m a bit light on commentary this week, as much of my Card Hunter attention has been focused on Cardhuntria’s Most Stylish, a deckbuilding competition that is currently in the voting stages. I also did a very long stream with CT5 on Twitch yesterday in which we did a wide variety of things including testing custom scenarios, playing ranked, and inducting folks into peasant. Be sure to check out the channel, as we do basically everything Card Hunter, and take requests from our viewers (we recently built, and played, an all-elf 1/1/1 party on the stream upon request).

Want to contribute?

If you’re running an interesting build in ranked, and would like me to feature it in a future blog post about the PvP environment, please send me the build on the forums! I will happily cover it and show off your tech :)

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