Card Hunter Spring Season, Week 2

April 16th, 2014 at 5:55 am

Hey Card Hunters! This is Flaxative, and I’m back with the stats for the second week of the Spring PvP Season.

Week 2

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I’d like to start with a big congratulations to all players who ranked in these charts. Competition is getting tougher, and my hat is off to everyone who tackled the week with enthusiasm and/or secret party tech! (More on this later.)

This week saw a few marginal improvements on the previous, and I’ll take them.

1) Average standing in the Most Wins category was 8.3, up from 8.25. I’m pretty sure this minuscule increase is the result of folks trying harder to preserve their standing. Good show!

2) I found 20 active players in the top 44 highest rated players, up from needing to look at 45 players to fill the same number of slots. I like to imagine that the season has inspired some top players to return to the game; whatever their reasons for leaving, I’m glad they’re back.

“Secret Tech,” Strong Builds this Season

Whether to hide or reveal the secrets behind one’s Card Hunter build is a hot topic on the forums right now. I’m of the opinion that knowing what’s strong in the environment helps maintain the environment’s health, and I was hoping to be able to watch some high-ranked games this week and report back. I’d like to do some presentation of what seems good in the top tier, but it won’t be this week. I just didn’t have time to spectate enough.

However! CT5 and I will be bringing you streams and recordings of top tier games soon, we promise! It might take us a bit to get our act together, but well before the season is over you can expect some commentary on and analysis of high-level play in the competitive environment.

Guilds and the Season

While guilds can’t profit materially from the Spring Season, they do stand to win a lot of glory by having their members win prizes! As guilds become more dynamic and fun—more guilds, more guild members, more guild functions—it’ll certainly become a badge of honor to see one’s guild represented among the season finalists. I was already tagging players in the weekly standings with their guilds last week, and now I have a chart of guild performance.

(Click for full.)

As you can see, Power of Fires and the Sorcererers are going strongest this season, each with 11 total weekly slots taken over the first two weeks of the season. Will they remain in the lead? Will some upstart guild overtake one or both? I’m looking forward to some dramatic developments :)

Till next week!

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