Starting Beta

January 3rd, 2013 at 3:30 am

Here we go!

We’re kicking off Beta this week with a few invites. As I said in my last post, we’ll be ramping up slowly so don’t worry if you didn’t get an invite yet – your turn will come.

If you are lucky enough to get in, I’ve set up some new forums to discuss your thoughts and report bugs. As an early tester, you’re likely to run into a few rough edges and problems – feel free to let us know about them!

See you in the game and happy Beta testing!

71 Responses to “Starting Beta”

  1. Awesome, I cannot wait. This game looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  2. Does this mean those of us who see the forum = we’ve got invited, or it’s visible to all just to make the rest of us drool with jealousy?

  3. I have been waiting for this game since i first got wind of it! I am so happy the project is moving along ^_^

  4. Sweet, can’t wait to get an invite!!

  5. The forum is visible to everyone, because it seemed like too much work to make it hidden.

  6. Can’t wait for it.

    This will be the only BB card game that i will ever pay and stick with it.
    [ well, the other game is pay and get boring cuz you need to pay more for a better card. ]

  7. oh man finally! Who do I have to bribe to get in now?

  8. I am your (hu)MAN … and dwarf/elf/gnoll/orc/undead for the beta!

  9. Cant wait to get in πŸ˜€

  10. My fingers, they’re crossed soooooo hard now, you don’t even know!

  11. Come at me bro… with the invite of course ehe.

  12. :( no invite for me yet…

  13. I sure hope I get in. I applied a long time ago.

  14. ADRENALINE RUSH FROM READING BLOG TITLE!!!!!!!…….. and i can breathe again.

  15. It’s coming! IT’S COMING! Btw, if I may ask, how much people will be chosen?

  16. It’s coming! IT’S COMING! Btw, if I may ask, how manhy people will be chosen?

  17. It’s coming! IT’S COMING! Btw, if I may ask, how many people will be chosen?

  18. No professional bug reporting tool? For me reporting bugs in a forum without a template is most times not good enough for proper bug fixing.

  19. Awrsome, beta, one more step to glory.

  20. I’ll go, kill Cartman. Steal his time machine. Travel into the future. Leave my girlfriend, and play the sh-t out of cardhunter

  21. @BigSmurf – You might be right. If that turns out to be a problem we’ll definitely shift our focus to it.

    Since Card Hunter is an online game we log a lot of server stuff and can wade through that to diagnose some problems. I also added a feature a couple of days ago that automatically sends error reports from the client to the server, so we can get a lot out of those too.

    Anyhow, we’ll see how we go and course-correct as appropriate.

  22. Give me key pls, i dont know why i didnt get one. Cuz i waiting this game more than year…

  23. Cool I cant wait for an invite.

  24. /happysnoopydance

  25. Yeaahaa! CanΒ΄t wait to finallz play it.
    Anybody in there yet?

  26. N ice!!!! Can not wait untill i get a key :)

  27. From the first glimpse of this game, to now. AWESOME (just had so say that)

  28. happy new year

  29. Cannot wait till I get my invitation. This is going to be amazing game!

  30. Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

  31. I gods, mr RSS feed just saw this. Sadly no invite yet :( *crosses everything*

  32. And cue everybody checking their emails 20 times more than usual!

  33. Man oh man, I’m sitting here wondering at how many invites will go out and if I’ll even be among them!

    Time to pray to the dice gods!

  34. Will it be possible to pay a amount of money to get into beta? because this is one of the games that I really wanted to play this year and I would be willing to pay for beta access.

  35. I’m totally stoked to play! Remember, I’m ready to donate a kidney if need be for an invite.

  36. Awesome news been waiting way to long for this!!!!!!!

  37. *check email every 10 minutes during Aussie daylight hours.*

  38. Woohooo! Good work guys and I look forward to finally playing it some day! Cannot wait! πŸ˜€

  39. Invite me alreaddddddddyyyyyyyy!

  40. YES! Good luck everyone!! =]

  41. […] Posted up yesterday (I knew, but was still in Collingwood and was too lazy to say anything), invites for the beta have begun to fly through the immaterial internet.Β  They say that everyone will get their turn, so I’m going to sit here and F5 the shit out of my inbox. […]

  42. card + board + rpg game in one? it’s like heaven on earth!

    Good Luck for everyone

  43. Good luck for everyone! I’ll cross my fingers for an invite too :)

  44. I signed up along time ago too…. Can’t wait!

  45. *fingers and toes crossed*

    A man can dream

  46. Don’t forget me! I’ve bin waiting for so long!
    So awesome to see the beta coming up!
    I hope so bad, that I get a beta-key!

  47. I hope that people far way from the server will be invited early as to sort out possible issues with that πŸ˜€ (I’m from Poland) Btw – has any of fellow commenters and eager CardHunters-to-be already got an invite and would like to share his views? πŸ˜€

  48. not invited yet :( sad

  49. I don’t have my invite yet.

    I’m pretty sure there has been some huge mistake.

    I have been visiting this website for over a year now. Frankly the psychic connection should be made and I should have an invite.

    To be honest, the lack of service given to those trying to sign up for beta by willpower alone is shocking. Added my “e-mail” now… I GUESS.

  50. Yay ive been waiting for this!

  51. I am so glad you guys are moving forward so quickly! Will continue to wait patiently, but I hope some of those early Beta testers are nice to us when we get invite.

  52. Guess it’s only been 9 days… seems like FOREVER and still no beta for me. πŸ˜‰ Wow I sound like a whiny fanboy. *shrug* maybe I am for the first time ever. Come on Beta!!!

  53. Good cardboard gods, there aren’t even any beta-keys available on Ebay.

    … not that I checked, of course. I wouldn’t do that. No, sir.

    ….. when’s the next round of invites?

  54. Yeah, when’s the next round going out? Checking my mail everyday for an invite *desperation*

  55. Can’t wait until you get around to inviting me. I’d started to flounder in confidence if you were still working on the game or not.

  56. Wait… soo…. painful!

  57. 2013, for a change, has to start good. So you have to pick me. Soon. Or my head will explode.

  58. Can’t wait to play Card hunter! Looks awesome! I’ve been following it for about a year now and I’m about to have a spasm.
    Don’t mind waiting a long time for something good and you can see a whole lot of hard work has gone into this.

  59. boy oh boy, i’d sure like to axe a paper goblin in the head! can’t wait for beta and it looks like i’m not the only one :)

  60. Come on Beta…. daddy needs a new awesome experience

  61. Can’t wait for this game. Hoping to get into Beta, but will be getting this game regardless when it is released.

  62. Darn it! Jan 18 was my birthday and I didn’t get a key! Worst. Birthday. Ever!

  63. Waiting is killing me.

    Can someone point to an already released isometric turn-based CCG tactical rpg with fleshed out campaigns and PvP?


  64. Never Have I Been So Excited For A Beta,Iv’e Been Looking For A Game Like This For Some Time,I Sure Hope The Multiplayer Is Great From What Iv’e Seen So Far The Game Looks Amazing! Even Skyrim,Or Other Famous Rpg’s Haven’t Got Me This Excited,Must Be The Inner Childhood Feelings In Me Over Sitting In A Dimly Lit Room With Dice And Paper Good Times :)

  65. Still waiting. I’ve tried to wait patiently.

    But I just feel that I have to remind you.

    Just a reminder! That I’m still waiting!

  66. Ok so the art for this post just totally reminds me of Grimtooth’s traps. LOVE IT!! Ah the joys of slapping a PC with a well crafted Grimtooth trap…… *wipes small tear from eye* ….. Thanks for wonderful memories!

  67. Can i get a beta please?!?!!?!

  68. Will we get an update soon? It’s more than a month since the last one.

  69. Hoping to get an invite soon. Coded for several MUDs throughout the years and I’m interested to play this game and if possible, help out a little with some freelance snippet support. ^_^

  70. Heya! Just wondering how long does it take to get an invite to the Beta; I’ve been waiting since about 2 weeks ago; which means there must be thousands of people waiting to play – they are adding 300 a day to the invite list (at least 4200 more).

    Maybe I should ask, how many people are on the waiting list?

    Dose anyone know?

  71. Hi Rashan,

    At last count, we had over 30,000 sign-ups so… it might take a bit? We’re up to over 1000+ keys given per day now. I suggest you hit up our forums to see what’s new! Jon and company update the build notes there regularly and our members (whether in Beta or not) are awesome and friendly :)

    Community Guy

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