The Sounds of Card Hunter

July 12th, 2012 at 10:58 pm

It seems remiss of us not to have done a diary discussing audio yet. Audio is SO important but something we often leave off the priority list. Anyway, here it is: a dev diary about audio.

What sort of audio should Card Hunter have? This is something we mulled over for a long time before getting started. On the one hand, Card Hunter is a board game played on a computer, so perhaps the audio should just sound like a board game. Problem is – board games don’t really have audio.

Yeah, we could do the sound of your living room or your local game store. And we thought that perhaps the monster sounds should be your Game Master making the sound of a dragon breathing fire or just yelling out “the dragon attacks!”

When we played around with those ideas though, they weren’t as interesting as we thought they would be. We felt like we were crossing the line between cute and bad or annoying. Instead, Card Hunter audio is mostly “in fiction”, that is, it lives in the fantasy work rather than the board game world. Dragons roar and goblins squeak. We mix that in with board game fiction – cards make card playing noises and rolling dice sound like rolling dice. It seems to work pretty well. If you want a justification, the idea is that you ARE playing a board game and the monster noises are what you hear in your head each time a monster attacks or dies or whatever…

Enough theory, let’s listen to some actual audio. Can you match these audio clips to the monster portraits? Bonus points for guessing what the monsters actually are.

Audio A

Audio B

Audio C

Audio D

Audio E

Audio F

Audio G

Audio H

Audio I


Monster 1


Monster 2


Monster 3


Monster 4


Monster 5


Monster 6


Monster 7


Monster 8


Monster 9


Thanks to DSonic for all the audio work!

11 Responses to “The Sounds of Card Hunter”

  1. I like the audio!

    Having said that, any chance the clips will be something we can swap out? I think getting friends to make the sounds of monsters would be pretty hilarious, honestly. And since I’ve moved far away from my usual crew, it would also be a little touch of the past.

  2. I’m not even sure what Monster 3 is, so which kind of roar do I pick? (I decide to go with the “strangest” sound.)

    Monster 1: G
    Monster 2: B
    Monster 3: E
    Monster 4: I
    Monster 5: H
    Monster 6: A
    Monster 7: C
    Monster 8: F
    Monster 9: D

  3. A: Monster 6
    B: Monster 2
    C: Monster 8
    D: Monster 9
    E: Monster 3
    F: Monster 7
    G: Monster 1
    H: Monster 5
    I: Monster 4

  4. Finally an update! I was hoping the long hiatus was a sign of beta!

    My answers:
    1: G
    2: B
    3: E (WTF?)
    4: I
    5: H
    6: A
    7: F
    8: C
    9: D

  5. Yeah, sorry. I’ve been a bit snowed under for the last couple of weeks. We have been doing some (internal) testing and a lot of stuff came up that needed fixing.

  6. Wounder:”I think getting friends to make the sounds of monsters would be pretty hilarious, honestly”

    Awesome idea. That would definitely be more in theme too.

    To be honest I doubt if this will affect me as I play all turn based games with the volume off anyway. Doesn’t everyone?

  7. Shrodin: “I was hoping the long hiatus was a sign of beta!”

    I was hoping it was a sign of a Kickstarter.

  8. Audio A = Monster 6 = Wolf
    Audio B = Monster 2 = Ninja Monkey
    Audio C = Monster 1 = Orc
    Audio D = Monster 9 = Goblin Miner
    Audio E = Monster 3 = Portcullis Trap?
    Audio F = Monster 7 = Yellow Jelly
    Audio G = Monster 8 = Yeti
    Audio H = Monster 5 = Treent
    Audio I = Monster 9 = Warpig

  9. Hey, Jon, you know who’s good at finding things that need to be fixed?

    All of us. 😉

    I find it interesting how similar the guesses are so far.

  10. I’m sure we’ll all be great beta testers. :)

    That said. There’s not much point releasing a beta while everybody’s busy fixing stuff they already know about. Release a beta too early and you get innundated with tickets about things you already know about or things that might get fixed through other fixes.

  11. “The Dragon attacks!”

    “I play… Lightning Bolt!”

    High 5!

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