Here Be Monsters!

May 31st, 2012 at 10:31 pm

Hello Cardhunters! I’m Ben Lee, the Art Director on Card Hunter. Since moving back to Sydney from the UK to join Jon in the studio, our work rate has increased substantially. This means I finally get to start polishing up older art in the game.

One such piece of art is the world map. When we first came up with the world map the details of exactly how it would be used were a little hazy. This meant that for a while we weren’t precisely sure how it would fit into the look and feel of the game. “Surely a map is a map?” I hear you say. Well, yes, but something we have worked hard to achieve in Card Hunter is the feel of a physical (mainly cardboard) boxed game. This raises frequent questions about what is meant to be a piece of card or paper, and what is game user interface (otherwise known as UI).

Here are the older map and the newer one side by side:

The newer map is now squarely in the “It’s made of paper” camp. There are visible fold lines and the colors are less intense. ¬†It looks a little empty, because the map is the background onto which we place our locations and adventures, which are re-positionable by the¬†designers.

The land masses will be stocked with adventure, but there were a few areas of ocean that probably wouldn’t be at first. What does this mean? It means something is needed common to any self-respecting olde-world map. Sea monsters drawn in the gaps.

So for your edification and amazement, we present the most terrifying and legendary of the Cardhuntrian ocean beasts to roam the nine seas!

Gargantuan, belligerent and malodorous!


Unpredictable, devilishly devious and malicious!

Patient, ravenous and enormous.

The five-armed berserker of the deep!

Be he God or Apparition? A destroyer of boats and a sailor's most hideous nightmare...


And finally, the most important question. Based upon your own travels, adventures and wisdom.. Which of these would win in a fight?



20 Responses to “Here Be Monsters!”

  1. kraktopus

  2. I think I’ll have to cast my vote for Kraktopus, part because I think it would win in a fight, and part because that is the coolest sounding rendition of a kraken, octopus, or a squid I have ever seen.

    Can’t wait to see more! Keep up the good work.

  3. Kraktopus, because (a) it’s a kraken, so it’s huge, (b) it’s an octopus, so it’s smart, (c) its huge tentacles can and will grab any opponent and bring it to its beak for devouring, and (d) because it’s really gosh darn cool.

  4. Another vote for Kraktopus. That is just too awesome.

  5. I think Kraktopus, because it can probably cast “Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion”, at will.

  6. I’m afraid you are all wrong. Ol’ Windy is the strongest!

  7. Obviously the Kraktopus is hindered by having only five arms.

  8. Kraktopus could beat all the other guys using the same trapping strength of 8 tentacles + suction cups, then they either suffocate or get minced by that beak.

    BUT, Ol’ Windy looks intangible. How do these other 4 guys attack the wind?

  9. The tides have turned against Kraktopus and the culprit behind it is indeed, that fiend, Ol’ Windy himself! Ol’ Windy can not be contained nor defeated. You’re only hope is to have a good fortification and pray he passes you by.

    …in the end though, Slippogriff may just be pulling the strings and tricking Ol’ Windy into doing its bidding. That sly beast knows that strength can never beat cunning.

  10. Release the Kraktopus!

  11. There’s no scale on any of these except a hint that the Nauticorn is “enormous”. I therefore choose to believe the Kraktopus is the size of a small ant and would surely lose against any other opponent. Reports of the Kraktopus being the size of a small castle are most likely the fevered hallucinations of drunk sailors.

  12. Kraktopus for the win

  13. Kraktopus gets my vote aswell, with Ol’Windy coming close second. Anyway, they all look magnificent, great work guys!

  14. Kraktopus hsa nothing on Ol’ Windy.

  15. Kraktopus because I’ve seen enought hentai to know where this is going.

  16. Insider factoid: Kraktopus was the first one I drew and Ol’ Windy was the last.

    Bonus Trivia: Nauticorn is the largest but also the slowest and has the worst sense of humor.

  17. I would have to go for Nauticorn. That horn looks like it can skewer any of the other ones once within range, and since it is enormous, it can probably attract the others, including Ol’ Windy, throuh sheer gravitation. There is no escaping it!

  18. The Fathom-Swine will clearly win any battle by not showing up at all and soiling itself happily in deep-sea mud. A definite winner.

  19. Ol’ Windy is the strongest, the others can’t possibly harm him. He is made of air and they are sea creatures. At worst they can’t harm him, and he probably has something that he can do to them!

  20. Dude. Loving the kracktopus. xD Your art is very nice!

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