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January 16th, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Hi Future Card Hunters!

We’ve had our heads down these past few weeks, so though we’ve made a lot of progress on the game we haven’t had time to tell you about it. To address this I thought it might be fun to link our source control system to twitter, so when we submit a change to the project you can read about it. I asked Rudolpho, a helpful pack mule from the game, to transcribe each message by hoof. So far he’s done a fantastic job. Great work, Rudolpho!

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You can find his twitter feed here, where in amongst the bugfixes and tweaks you’ll catch glimpses of adventures, characters, and game mechanics.

Enjoy, and happy glimpsing!
– Farbs

5 Responses to “New Twitter Feed”

  1. Ha ha, that’s actually kinda cool.

    Good to hear you guys are hard at work. We’re all still as eager as ever. :)

  2. Can I ask what source control software you are using and any extra clients you needed to set this up. It’s super awesome.

  3. Yeah sure. We use SVN, and I wrote a little custom python script in hooks/post-commit that pulls the last commit data via svnlook, reformats it into tweets w/ @ tags, and publishes it via tweepy.

  4. I mean, we asked a mule to retype each commit message.

  5. Thanks, that’s awesome, the game dev I work uses SVN as well so I think we might try and implement this.

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