Escaping Run Preview

August 5th, 2011 at 7:15 am

Next week I’ll be talking about movement in the developer diary. Until then, here’s a Move card to check out.

Escaping Run is great for Wizards and other people who don’t like standing next to enemies!


5 Responses to “Escaping Run Preview”

  1. Love all the witty flavor text!

  2. Typical of an elf to run lol. I really like the art style of this game from what preview pictures ive seen so far.

  3. “in the which” ?


  4. Hi Stark, I had the same thought. It’s a quote from Shakespeare – Henry IV Part 1. The grammar seems incorrect, but every transcription I looked up phrased it the same way. It may be a usage that was correct in the 16th century but not now. Or it may have been a copying or printing error in the original source. Who knows?

  5. give the elf a break on his gramma …..common’s his bonus language!

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