2D Art Position Closed

August 17th, 2011 at 10:36 pm

Thanks to all who applied for the art position. We received a lot of really good applications, so I think we should probably close the opening for now. It’s likely we’ll re-open it in the future as we have a lot of artwork to do.

If you already applied – we’re working through your applications now and will get back to you real soon.

One Response to “2D Art Position Closed”

  1. i see this position is now closed, i’m a bit busy right now anyway but after looking through the artwork at the style portrayed so far i’m thinking that i’d fit right in there somewhere.
    so, if you should find yourself/s needy for someone to fill in a space or take up the slack (maybe someone’s on holiday or just too swamped with other stuff to get a quick thing done in time) just message me.
    i’d probably be creating the files as vector and exporting them as png, actually don’t know the format you’re needing, could be .swf or something, that’s fine too of course.

    i could send some vectors that i did maybe in the form of a e-portfolio but it’s simpler for me to just say i can do it quite nice.
    sorry you have to read this, hope it wasn’t too much of a waste of time and effort:)

    on another note (even more sorry), this game very much looks like something i was trying to put together several years ago, i tried to learn scripting the java thing in unity just for this project, i did fine however that the scripting side is something which just frustrates me, i tried as there was nothing like this out there at the time and i’m an old fan of the adventure board games (warlock of firetop mountain and all that sort of thing), i think it’s quite important that there is an option to have a multiplayer game whereby 1 person is selected as “DM” within a group of friends, that’s the direction i wanted anyway;)

    currently a self-employed graphic artist and have been for as long as i’ve been happy at work.

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