11 Responses to “Video Diary #2 – Deck building!”

  1. Nice! I love the fact that you can compare the cards from an item to another very easy

  2. Nice and simple! When oh when can we start playing this?

  3. 20 days since last update, but im fine since it is always good to see more!

  4. I think I should leave a comment here about me throwing money at the screen but nothg happens…
    Oh, I want this game so much!

  5. Very nice system. At the beginning you think it’s gonna be awful to manage your inventory then, fog disapear and a simple et efficient managing system appears !!!

    Like everyone here….waiting a lot for the beta !

  6. Love the sorting, very intuitive. Can’t help but notice the look of the weapons though. The weapon itself looks nice, like little pieces cut out from a boardgame set.

    Everything so far looks 100% like it would if you played it in real life
    The map looks like its laid out on a living room table
    The quest selection look equally awesome
    But looking at the look of the deck building, I lost that illusion. It looks digital.

    Not a HUGE issue, and you probably have no time to change it anyway. Just my 2 cents I guess

    Oh and not to forget…
    Beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta~

  7. This is the most original feature I see in a card game…REally, is intuitive, easy, theme based, etc…and for that i want this game sooooooo bad(really i need to play a god game of cards).

  8. @Nicky – that’s a good point. We reached a point where we couldn’t make everything fit into the board game visual metaphor and keep the functionality we wanted.

  9. First of all, congratulations on behalf of but awesome project, you guys have the dedication to make this game something amazing.
    While I was watching the gameplay at Pax I couldn’t help myself in wonder if the rewards a player will achieve upon completing certain quests are 100% guaranteed, or if there will be a loot percentage in every adventure (20% legendary, 40% rare…). I think the latter makes the game even more competitive, but you guys have the last call.
    Thank you in advance for reading this comment and please keep up this awesome work. Count me in the fan list.

  10. @Leonardo – the loot is generally random.

  11. Please please please let me play! I know how hard you guys are working but its just looks so well put together and your demo at PAX was awesome. A Beta cant be that far off can it?

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