Card Hunter leagues are an exciting new way to play multiplayer Card Hunter and win great prizes! Leagues will present unique new deck building challenges and let you win pizza, gold, chests and even exclusive figures!

What exactly is a League?

A league is a multiplayer contest that you pay to join. The league runs for a limited period of time, during which you play games against other players who have also joined. Once the league ends, the game hands out prizes based on how well you have done!

Each league uses a specific board on which you will play all league games.

Joining a League

Join and play leagues from the multiplayer lobby, just like regular multiplayer games. The league button is located right next to the ranked game button. If a league is coming up, the button will show you when it starts.

Pending League

Click the league button to see a brief description of the league. There will always be a link from this short description to a web page with a full description and to this page. You can’t join the league in this state though.

Once the league has started accepting sign-ups, the button will change state and look like this:

League Entry

You can now click the button to join the league (don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to review the league description again before you have to decide whether or not to join). Leagues will cost gold or pizza to join, which will be deducted from your account as soon as you join.


When you join a league, you get placed into a small group of players, called a pod. Your progress in the league will always be tracked against other players in your pod and your prize payout will be based on how you do relative to them. In other words, if you come first in your pod, you’ll get the first prize and so on.

You can’t start playing games in the league until your pod has filled up. When you are waiting for this to happen, the league button will look like this:

Play League

As soon as your pod has filled, Gary will alert you and the league button will change to look like this:


From now until when the league ends, you can click this button and the game will place you into a queue to join a league match.

Playing League Games

When you get into the league queue, the game will try to match you against someone else in the league. League games are never against the GM (e.g. Gary, Melvin or other GMs); they will always be against a real human player who is in the league with you. Although your league rank is always relative to your pod, you can play games against anyone else in the league.

A league game is generally exactly like a regular ranked multiplayer game, although it will always take place on the board that the league is using and might enforce different conditions, like a different time limit.

League Characters and Decks

Some leagues will use your regular multiplayer party. However, other leagues may use fixed parties. When you play a game in these leagues, you’ll use a set of characters and decks that are specially created for that league instead of your multiplayer party. These leagues are a chance to try out cards and parties that you would normally never get to play!

Tracking Your Standing

You can check how you are doing at any time during a league by clicking the League Standing button. From here you can also review the league description and look at past results.

Your standing within your pod is determined by how many games you’ve won.

Game Limits

Every league will have a maximum number of games that you can play in order to affect your game win count. Once you’ve played that many games, any additional wins will not count towards your win count (and therefore your pod standing). However, you can still play league games for fun and to win chests as in normal ranked multiplayer.

Tie Breaking

If you tie with another player in your pod based on number of games won, the league will use tie-break points to decide who is ahead. Tie-break points are calculated from all of your league games (up to the maximum you can play). For each game you win, your tie break points are calculated as the total number of victory points (stars) you receive minus the number your opponent receives. If your opponent resigns, you automatically get six points (minus any they have scored to that point). You don’t get any tie-break points for losing a game.


When the league finishes, there’s an overtime period. During this time you can’t start any new games but you can finish a game that you are playing.


OK, now the important part. Once the league has finished, we hand out the prizes! You can find the prize schedule on the league description page.

Some leagues may have a minimum number of games that you must have won in order to qualify for any prize. Once you’ve reached that threshold, you’ll be awarded a prize that corresponds to your position in your pod.


Prizes can include the following:

If you somehow tie with another player in your pod, even after tie-break points are counted, you’ll split the two (or more) prizes you would have won. In the case of chests or figures, all the players who tie will get the best prize that any of you would have got.

Note that if you haven’t won any games, you will only ever get the prize that is awarded for last place. In other words, you need to win at least one game to qualify for anything other than last place.

You’ll be notified of your prize as soon as you get it, if you are online, otherwise you’ll get it when you next enter the multiplayer lobby.

Some leagues will award as prizes exclusive figures that aren’t available to purchase in Cuthbert’s Costumes. These figures can only be won through league play!

Reward Chests

Any league games you win will reward you with multiplayer chests, just as regular ranked games will. They’ll advance you down the reward track exactly as a ranked game does too.

List of Leagues


What happens if my pod doesn’t fill up?

If you pod fails to fill before the league starts, you’ll be refunded your entry cost.

Can I play the same player more than once in the league?

Yes, you can, but the matchmaker will try to avoid this.

Why is there a limit to how many games I can play to increase my win count?

Without this limit, leagues would always be won by the players who join early and are prepared to play as many games as possible.

Do leagues use my rating to determine matchmaking? Does my rating change from playing league games?

No, league matchmaking isn’t based on rating and league wins or losses won’t affect your rating.

Do I have to open chests I win as soon as the league ends?

No, conveniently, we’ve added a feature where the game will store chests for you and you can open them at any time in the appropriate chest shop.

Can I join the same league multiple times?


Do leagues affect regular ranked games?

The two systems are completely independent, except that league games will use the same multiplayer party if it is a party based league. You can join the ranked game queue and the league queue at the same time and you’ll go into whichever game you get matched for first.

What happens if I win a figure that I already own?

You’ll be given an Epic chest instead.