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February 25th, 2012 at 10:54 pm

Yes, I missed my deadline for a diary again this week. Let’s be clear though – we are still working hard on the game and making tons of progress!

Here are some things we’ve been working on lately:

  • A new system for equipping characters to replace the ones I talked about last week.
  • Quests (I’ll talk about what these are soon).
  • The algorithm for allocating loot by level, rarity and type.
  • A structure for all our remaining adventures so we can see exactly what we still need to build, including a final list of monsters.
  • Fleshing out our card list to fill holes and gaps.
  • Complete art for all our cards.

Given the last two of those items, I thought it might be fun to show you some of our new card illustrations. Instead of telling you what they are, why don’t you guess what the cards are called and what they do? By the way, I make no guarantees that you can actually guess what they are called, or even what they do! :-) I will reveal all though.

Mystery card 1


Mystery Card 2


Mystery Card 3


Mystery Card 4


Mystery Card 5

18 Responses to “Guess the Card”

  1. 1. Infestation- Target enemy-creature is controlled by caster for X round(s).

    2.Slippery Weapon- If cards from a weapon is played, roll a dice. If higher than 4 attack is succesful.

    3- Annoying terrain-(Target ground) To walk through this terrain it takes 2 “moves”.

    4- Chained- Caster becommes chained and has to roll the dice untill succesful. If the dice is rolled over 2, the chain is broken.

    5- The Drought-
    If played on Allies, it will heal X Hp/turn for X turns.
    If played on Enemy it will damage X Hp/turn for X turns.

  2. 1. Ear Worm
    2. Slippery Fish
    3. Rocky Road
    4. Chain Break
    5. Poison Potion

  3. 1. Brain worm – Target discards all spell cards.
    2. Transmute weapon – Target discards attack cards.
    3. Tremor – Shakes an area of terrain for a duration causing all movement through it to cost double.
    4. Break free- Removes all movement hindering effects on the character.
    5. Alchemist’s folly – Must be played, take 2 damage.

  4. Not sure about the others, but

    #2- Vial of Fish Oil. Target enemy may not use attachments for 2 rounds.

    #3- Unholy Lax. Target enemy large creature. Target is stunned for 1 round. If target creature had consumed a hero, that hero is returned, though is stunned for 2 rounds.

    And #5- Decoy health potion. Wounded humanoid enemies are drawn to the decoy, but are poisoned upon use.

  5. I like Kevin’s answers for names but as to what they do:
    1. Causes to discard a card (specifically spell?).
    2. Lose/can’t use weapon-related cards? Or possibly let’s player character slip by an enemy.
    3. Like Jointelid, I think this changes the terrain to make it harder to navigate (or possibly temporarily creates terrain that can’t be walked on).
    4. Removes immobility.
    5. Turns the next potion used by target to poison.

  6. 1. Mindworm – discard x random unrevealed card/s.
    2. Slippery Weapon – unable to attack this turn
    3. Mudslide – 3×3 Terrain becomes difficult for x turns
    4. Unstoppable – Remove all movement imparing effects on target dwarf. (but it’s a black card that should be a penalty)
    5. Mislabled potion – the next healing effect instead causes damage and the next poison effect instead heals.

  7. Pugs is very, very close!

  8. 1. Mindworm – Target discards all spell cards
    2. Switcheroo – Reduces all damage from enemy attack cards (Get it? you switch your target’s weapon with a fish)
    3. Earth Rend – X area of terrain costs Y more to traverse
    4. Break free – Negate movement impairing effects
    5. False Labels – Target’s healing effects become damaging, and vice versa

  9. Okay, whether I’m right or not here’s what I think they are:

    1. Ear Wax.
    Flavor Text: “Well, some people have more than others”
    Effect: Stuns 1 target for a turn and decreases their intelligence by 2.

    2. The Plus 1 Fish of Doom
    Flavor Text: “First you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring!”
    Effect: Target’s weapon is destroyed.

    3. Quake
    Flavor Text: “Yup, another obligatory magic spell in an RPG.”
    Effect: Damages target(s) in a 2×2 square basis for x amount of health.

    4. Broken Chains
    Flavor Text: “My beard gives me super strength!”
    Effect: Removes x disabling effects on target.

    5. Vile Deception.
    Flavor Text: “And underneath the skull and crossbones picture is a sticker of a pony!”
    Effect: Use when player uses healing item. Changes effect to poison to x damage, where x is the amount of health the card normally would replenish.

  10. 1. Mind Leech – Discard unrevealed cards down to 1
    3. Rock to Mud – In a 3×3 area, all stone tiles become sticky mud

  11. 1. In-ear earthworm.
    Put the earthworm in your oponent favorite ear. The player skips next round and loses 1 equipment because he is running like mad trying to get worm out.

    2. Happy too soon
    Don´t count you chicken … well… or fish… before they are hatched. Your opponent loses the item he has just received.

    3. Earthquake

    4. Don´t be hasty
    It blocks opponent card that he has just played.

    5. This card can be used as a helaing or “killing” potion depending on the label the player choose.

  12. I hope you do have some more comedic cards in the deck. I think it would be fun to be somewhat akin to Munchkin if you have ever heard of it.

  13. 1. Brainworm.
    2. Juxtapose weapon.
    3. Earthquake.
    4. Freedom.
    5. Deceptive potion.

  14. #1 & #3 are red cards, so definitely attacks of some sort. #2 & #4 are black cards, which haven’t been really explained yet; my best guess is they represent skills/abilities, i.e. cards (attachments?) that target self, whether bonuses or penalties. And #5 is a red/white dual card, so … damage OR healing?

    1. AAAH! GET IT OUT! — Illusion, range 4. For 2 rounds, target panics and can use movement cards only. Cannot use on bosses.

    2. Slippery — Attach to self 5 rounds. If targetted by melee attack, roll 3 or better to escape damage and move two squares. [I suspect it’s an Elf skill.]

    3. Shaking Ground — Magic, physical, range 8. Everyone in 3×3 area takes 6 damage and discards all movement cards. Target area becomes quicksand (Stop movement, 3 damage at beginning of round).

    4. Dwarf Unchained — Attach to self. Immune to movement impairing attachments (including any currently active) until start of next round. [Dwarf skill.]

    5. Dangerous Dose — If Healing, roll die. 4 or better boosts Heal by 2 points and returns card to hand. 3 or worse causes 4 points of poison damage (and lose the card).

  15. #1 Mysterious Itch – Target dances around like a silly bugger for X turns – “It’s licking my BRAIN!”

    #2 Hand Lotion – Give adjacent character a relaxing “massage”, healing X hp – “Someone hand me the tissues.”

    #3 Nothing – Discard this card – “It was here a second ago!”

    #4 Dwarven beard strength – Destroy target card – “Its not whiskers, its blonde steel wool!”

    #5 Roofy – Target player looses a turn – “Well it tastes good, so what the hell.”

  16. Card names and flavor text. I’m sure they also have effects, but *shrug*

    1. Brainworm – “What’s it doing?” “Starving.”
    2. Slippery Cod – “Not a red herring.”
    3. Mudslide – “Tasted different when I ordered it last time.”
    4. Bargain Hardware – “Well I’m never shopping there again!”
    5. Mislabeled Flask – “Now this is what it tasted like last time!”

  17. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme are we there yet? how Loooooong do we have to wait for this?

    Oh and the fish card looks sort of Monty Pythonesque……….

  18. @Truhlsrohk

    “Please, Aslan,” said Lucy, “what do you call soon?”

    “I call all times soon,” said Aslan; and instantly he was vanished away and Lucy was alone with the Magician.

    – I was reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader recently to my son and it reminded me somehow the cardhunter 😉

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