Quick Draw


Quick Draw is a new game mode for Card Hunter in which players receive three characters with random race+class combinations, then proceed to pick cards for those characters from a limited pool. The cards available to each character are randomly selected from cards attached to items that character could normally equip—so an elf wizard will have access to cards printed on staves, arcane items, robes, boots, arcane skills, or elf skills.

At the beginning of a Quick Draw game, you’ll start by taking stock of your party’s composition. You might also want to take your opponent’s characters into account when you draft your cards—Parry won’t be very good if you’re facing three wizards!


The Drafting Process

In a Quick Draft match, you will be drafting decks of 7 cards. For each spot in your deck, you’ll get to choose from three cards of the same quality. You’ll pick one card at a time, alternating picks with your opponent. Your picks aren’t revealed as you make them, so your decks’ contents are secret until you begin playing cards.






Once each character has 7 cards in their deck, battle begins.

Because your deck is only 7 cards, you’ll churn through it pretty quickly. By the third round of the match, you can expect to see some cards you’ve already played return to your hand. This quirk of the format means you’ll learn your opponent’s decks quickly, and your strategy can evolve within a single match to better counter your opponent’s cards.

Another quirk of Quick Draw is that you only keep your freshly-drafted decks for a single game. Don’t despair if you get unlucky… nor should you become too attached to an extremely strong party. Each Quick Draw match is unique, and you’ll need to use wisdom and tactics to win every one.


League Play

We currently offer seven Quick Draw leagues for competitive play:
Temple Tussle
Streams of Blood
Chess Madness
Golden Shrine
Lost City
Deep Forge