Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt is a fixed deck league with a novel twist. Both players control a pair of sneaky Chupacabras that are making a run for safety past three monster hunters. The hunting takes place on two mirrored boards. Can you hunt down your opponent’s Chupacabras before he can hunt yours? Or can your monsters take out his hunters?

Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt has a couple of unique features that you need to be aware of. Firstly, the board is quite large. You should only join this league if your monitor is large enough to accommodate these large boards (or you’re prepared to scroll around during play). Secondly, you control four groups of characters in this battle: your pair of Chupacabras and three hunters.

The Chupacabras are minions in a group together. Don’t forget the special rules for controlling minions.

You can win this league battle by scoring four victory points. Killing a hunter or a monster gives you two points so you win by taking out both your opponent’s monsters or two of their three hunters. You can also score by getting your Chupacabras onto the victory locations at the end of the board. Note that flying is required to get there and the hunters can’t fly. So you had best stop the monsters before they fly over the water to win!


These are the monsters being chased but they pack some nasty attacks on their own. The also make good use of Mind Muddle, their shorter range version of Maze Of The Mind to befuddle their pursuers. You should make good use of your Free Move cards to slip past your opponent’s hunters.


Each hunter specialises in a different combat style and you should make good use of all of them to stop the monsters. Your slow moving dwarf packs the biggest hits, but your spearman and crossbowman are faster and have longer range attacks.


Monster Hunt has small pods, with only five players per pod. That means a new pod will kick off for every five players who join and you’ll be ranked against the other four players in your pod.

Each instance of this league will be open for entries for an hour and a half and then run for another hour and a half with a maximum of four scoring games to be played in that time period (you can play more for fun and multiplayer chest rewards). To keep things moving along, each battle will only allow 15 minutes per player (instead of the normal 20 minute clock).


Here are the full deck lists for this league:



Human Spear Hunter


Dwarven Axe Hunter


Human Crossbow Hunter

Many thanks to Stexe for coming up with this original league battle!