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Press Kit

Download a bundle of screenshots and concept art here (zip file, 16.7Mb).

Previews summer 2013

“Card Hunter is wildly inventive, and the scope of both the campaign and multiplayer options is impressive.” GameInformer

“The final ace in Card Hunter’s hand is a biggy: Magic: The Gathering’s Richard Garfield is consulting on the project, which makes the whole thing quite the singularity of brilliance.”  Eurogamer

“Card Hunter is the next great board game, and it’s all in your browser.” The Verge

“I’ve found it very difficult to not return to Card Hunter again and again and again and again and again and again and again.” Rock, Paper Shotgun

“Card Hunter closed beta hands on: Classic D&D filtered through a card game, and it’s amazing.” Penny Arcade Reports

” The game might be a surprise choice for Blue Manchu, but it lives up to the smartness and originality of its creators’ back catalogues.” Edge

Older Press

There’s a nice long interview with Jon here at Gamasutra, where he talks about Blue Manchu and plans for Card Hunter.

Rock Paper Shotgun did a follow-up interview. The first part is here and the second part here.

There’s some more Rock Paper Shotgun coverage as well.

MCV has a short article on Blue Manchu’s formation here.

Hamishakia did a podcast inteview with Jon, talking about the studio and the game.