Smash the Jar


Smash the Jar is a fixed deck league wherein you control a Skeleton Knight, a Skeleton Priest, and a Phylactery. Each monster comes with a pre-designed deck to ensure that the battles are entirely symmetric and there’s no need to do any deck-building yourself.



Smash the Jar has a number of special features that you’d best pay attention to if you wish to do well. Your objective is to smash your opponent’s Phylactery using your undead minions, who respawn every round if killed.


Your Phylactery can’t move, and you must keep it alive. If it is destroyed, you lose.

Skeleton Knight

Your Skeleton Knight mostly has Attacks, Moves, and Armor. If it dies, it respawns at the beginning of the next round.

Skeleton Priest

Your Skeleton Priest has a varied assortment of cards including drains, heals, buffs, and utility cards. Use the healing to defend your Phylactery—or to damage your opponents when they have Negative Energy Being attached! Your Skeleton Priest respawns at the beginning of the next round if killed.


Smash the Jar has small pods, with only five players per pod. That means a new pod will kick off for every five players who join and you’ll be ranked against the other four players in your pod.

Each instance of this league will be open for entries for an hour and a half and then run for another hour and a half with a maximum of four scoring games to be played in that time period (you can play more for fun and multiplayer chest rewards). To keep things moving along, each battle will only allow 10 minutes per player (instead of the normal 20 minute clock).


League prizes include magnificent and epic chests as shown in the table below. You’re guaranteed a chest prize in this league regardless of how many games you win. It’s a great way to turn gold into epic or rare items!



Here are the full deck lists for the league.

Skeleton Knight Deck


Skeleton Priest Deck


Phylactery Deck

Card Name Count
Ancient Statue 1