Monkey Magic



Monkey Magic is a fixed deck league where you control two thieving monkeys and a heavy-hitting sentient tree. Each monster comes with a pre-designed deck to ensure that the battles are entirely symmetric and there’s no need to do any deck-building yourself.


Monkey Madness


The monkeys have the same decks, which are heavy on movement and feature two unique cards with the ability to take cards from their targets and put them into their own decks. When you combine that with the fact that they are extremely mobile (their default move is Scamper), these monkeys are a real handful. They are also quite hard to take out, despite their low health as they have some great blocks in their deck. They can also Taunt, which forces their opponents to target them, even if they are on the other side of the board!

But, a monkey is nothing without a tree, and each side in this battle has a hulking beech on its side. These trees are slow but deadly. They have some very damaging melee attacks, some very heavy armor and a few other nasty tricks, like Maze Of The Mind and Entangling Roots that can really put mess up a monkey’s day. Watch out though – if a thieving monkey gets hold of your Armor cards, you are likely in for a world of hurt.


Monkey Magic has small pods, with only five players per pod. That means a new pod will kick off for every five players who join and you’ll be ranked against the other four players in your pod.

Each instance of this league will be open for entries for an hour and a half and then run for another hour and a half with a maximum of four scoring games to be played in that time period (you can play more for fun and multiplayer chest rewards). To keep things moving along, each battle will only allow 10 minutes per player (instead of the normal 20 minute clock).

Here are the full deck lists for the league:

Monkey Deck


Beech Tree Deck

We hope you enjoy Monkey Magic!