Astral Tourney



Astral Tourney is a fixed deck league where you control three sentient Astral Guardians. Each monsterous Guardian comes with a pre-designed deck to ensure that the battles are entirely symmetric and there’s no need to do any deck-building yourself. The Guardians all have very specialized abilities that are focused around axes on the board, making this an unusual and highly positional battle.



Your forces are composed of three Guardians.

Guardian of Mist

This Guardian is a slow moving heavy-hitter. It’s Shuffle default move limits it to single square advancement, but woe betide the other Guardians if the Guardian of Mist can get next to them. In addition, it packs some very tough Armor. A single Brutal Charge lets it pull the occasional surprise on an unwary opponent.

Guardian of Motes

This Guardian operates along diagonals. It has damaging attacks, heals and charges, amongst other abilities, all with very long range, but all limited to diagonal lines. If it can catch two or more enemies in a strike, its attacks will damage all of them. Employ it with care to maximise its power.

Guardian of Shadow

As you would expect, this guardian operates along the cardinal axes (straight lines). Its abilities replicate those of the Guardian of Motes, but are probably easier to employ. Don’t lose this piece as your opponent will have a big advantage if they don’t have to deal with its powerful attacks and charges.


Astral Tourney has small pods, with only five players per pod. That means a new pod will kick off for every five players who join and you’ll be ranked against the other four players in your pod.

Each instance of this league will be open for entries for an hour and a half and then run for another hour and a half with a maximum of four scoring games to be played in that time period (you can play more for fun and multiplayer chest rewards). To keep things moving along, each battle will only allow 10 minutes per player (instead of the normal 20 minute clock).
Here are the full deck lists for the league

Guardian of Mist Deck


Guardian of Motes Deck


Guardian of Shadow Deck

We hope you enjoy Astral Tourney!