Streams of Blood (Quick Draw)



Streams of Blood is a Quick Draw league in which two players struggle to capture a strategic point between rivers. Each player controls three characters with random race+class combinations and miniature decks drafted right before the fight. Because you get random characters and draft your cards, you do not need to do any deck-building yourself before entering this league.

Streams Quick Draw

As your opponent’s characters and cards are just as randomized as your own, there is no real way to prepare for Streams of Blood other than reviewing the Quick Draw rules and honing your positional play. Each match will be totally different from the last. Will your squad be victorious? … hey, if they’re not, you can always try again with another batch!


Streams of Blood has small pods, with only five players per pod. That means a new pod will kick off for every five players who join and you’ll be ranked against the other four players in your pod.

Each instance of this league will be open for entries for an hour and a half and then run for another two hours with a maximum of four scoring games to be played in that time period (you can play more for fun and multiplayer chest rewards). Each player will have 20 minutes to play a Streams of Blood game; this timer covers both the drafting process and the fight itself.

You will be reassigned random characters each match you play, and will need to draft cards for those characters. Within a single instance of Streams of Blood, you could pilot four or more completely unique parties!
We hope you enjoy Streams of Blood!